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Coca-Cola Zero Sugar AR


default image has delivered an innovative and interactive campaign, #TakeATaste, designed exclusively for Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. This groundbreaking project featured a two-way controlled Dynamic Out-of-Home (DOOH) and Augmented Reality (AR) giveaway experience that blurs the lines between the virtual and the real.

In collaboration with Tesco, devised a cutting-edge DOOH campaign that redefined consumer engagement. The #TakeATaste campaign invited Coca-Cola fans to participate in the AR giveaway by simply locating their nearest ad in select cities, and scanning the QR code displayed on the DOOH screen. This then unlocked their digital Coca-Cola Zero Sugar bottle that they could reach out and grab. 

The digital experience within the user’s mobile device then seamlessly directs them to the nearest store where they can redeem their virtual Coca-Cola Zero Sugar for the real thing, absolutely free.

The #TakeATaste campaign stands as a testament to the power of dynamic and interactive DOOH advertising. It’s not just about catching the eye; it’s about engaging the consumer in a memorable, hands-on experience that leaves a lasting impression. This pioneering campaign has set the stage for the future of DOOH advertising, where the boundaries between the virtual and the real are seamlessly crossed to create unparalleled brand connections.’s CEO, Andrew Newman, said, “It’s clear that OOH design can capture the attention of passers-by and even make headlines, but to make something truly immersive and interactive can make a real statement for brands. With our #TakeATaste campaign for Coca-Cola, thinking about the user experience was key. We have been able to bridge a gap between virtual and reality to connect people directly to the product that the ad is selling. This unlocks endless possibilities for the future of DOOH campaigns.”

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