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Coca Cola - Fuze tea

Fuze Tea: Made of Fusion

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Last year we helped launch Coca-Cola’s Fuze Tea Made of Fusion ‘Your City’ Campaign with EssenceMediacom. This was a dynamic campaign blending digital out-of-home (DOOH) activations with a unique voting platform, aiming to engage audiences across iconic European cities including Paris, Berlin and Milan.

The campaign at a glance

We worked with Coca-Cola Europe, in a brand partnership between Viator, a Tripadvisor Company, thus, our multi-city, travel-inspired campaign was born. Fuze Tea represents ‘fusion’, so, the campaign’s aim was to find out the ‘fusion’ of each city and the factors which make each of these European cities unique.

The project invited locals and visitors to vote on each city’s unique traits, alongside a mix of large-scale DOOH activations and online interactions. Reaching 1.5 million people, each experiential activation had its own OOH experience creating a tailored 360 campaign, which sparked interest with the audience in the corresponding city, with multiple local teams on hand to help in each location of the campaign.

How we did it

Fuze Tea kicked off the campaign with a social media tease, featuring influencers from European cities. Using Instagram polls and #MadeOfFusion, they made voting a breeze – online on the bespoke Fuze Tea web landing page or in person at OOH locations. Fuze Tea’s channels and local influencers turned it into a citywide phenomenon, urging everyone to join in. #MadeOfFusion wasn’t just a tag; it was an open invitation to be part of the excitement, both online and at the OOH locations.

The outcome

The Fuze Tea campaign showcased the power of blending voting platforms with DOOH activations across diverse city landscapes. The campaign successfully engaged audiences, with each city providing its own learnings and insights. Paris saw a lively turnout with strong local partnerships, Milan embraced a fresh perspective, seamlessly blending online and offline votes, and Berlin saw fantastic online support. The campaign journey highlighted the art of adaptable strategies, successful collaborations, and the key role of immersive experiences in keeping participants engaged.

On the campaign, our CEO, Andrew Newman says:

“Our collaboration with Coca-Cola in launching this campaign across iconic European cities brought about valuable insights, highlighting the adaptability of our strategies and the significance of experiential elements in driving participant engagement. Despite the challenges, the campaign’s success underscores the power of collaboration and clear communication, technological precision, and the strategic adjustments made in response to each city’s unique dynamics.”