Coca-cola – Take A Taste

November 2023

Andrew Newman

We’ve moved from a passive medium to a direct action medium – any brand manager’s holy grail.

In partnership with Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, has embarked on a groundbreaking journey that’s set to redefine the world of OOH. The #TakeATaste campaign, an extraordinary fusion of two-way controlled Dynamic DOOH and AR experiences.

Inspired by Coca-Cola’s iconic ‘Best Coke Ever’ tagline, the #TakeATaste campaign invites the public to decide for themselves – is this truly the Best Coke Ever? Anyone could scan a QR code on our DOOH screens, unlocking a digital Coca-Cola Zero Sugar bottle they could virtually reach out and grab. And here’s the Wonka-Vision-like magic: they could redeem it for free at the nearest Tesco store! 

OOH advertising has always prided itself on its unique ability to foster a welcoming relationship with consumers. The campaign’s impact on the OOH landscape is monumental. OOH is now more than passive; it’s a dynamic channel for direct action, which instils a sense of trust between consumer and digital. #TakeATaste has rewritten the rules and propelled OOH into a new era of engagement and effectiveness, shaping the future of advertising. 

A key player in this success was “Connect,” our platform which enables two-way communication between screens, used across 1,500 screens in the UK, thanks to our partnership with JCDecaux.

The #TakeATaste campaign showcases the potential of dynamic and interactive DOOH advertising. It’s not just about capturing attention; it’s about engaging consumers in a hands-on experience that leaves a lasting impression. This pioneering campaign has broken records and the boundaries between the virtual and the real, forging unprecedented connections with brands and the public. 

We extend our gratitude to our valued partners Studio Dialect, EssenceMediaCom UK, JCDecaux, Ocean, and Kinetic for their invaluable contributions in bringing this thrilling campaign to life.