Rugby World Cup


Rugby's Refreshing Moments

As an official sponsor of Rugby World Cup 2023, Asahi was eager to leverage this prestigious partnership to ensure their brand remained top-of-mind for fans and consumers alike. We crafted a winning strategy to achieve just that.

Our mission was clear: deliver not just any content but the most relevant content precisely when it mattered. With the Asahi RWC campaign, we achieved the objective of creating memorable moments and strengthening the bond between the brand and rugby fans.

Harnessing the power of data and real-time information, we pulled in live scores for all RWC fixtures through a seamless API integration and with an automated process, we ensured that these scores appeared on screens at the perfect moment.

We also added a local touch to enhance the fan experience. City call-outs were incorporated, providing a sense of connection to the host cities. Additionally, we offered directional messaging to guide enthusiasts to the nearest pub, creating the ideal setting to enjoy the RWC action while savouring an ice-cold Asahi.