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Vanderpump Rules


In a bid to replicate the success of their previous scandal-filled season, we collaborated with Hayu to create a fun and on-trend promotional campaign for the new season of Vanderpump Rules. We strategically chose a reactive approach for the campaign, leveraging the power of digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising to amplify the buzz surrounding the viral American reality show.

The core of the campaign used our RUSH Reactionary dynamic product, a tool that enabled real-time updates of content based on audience feedback. We strategically selected existing screens around the UK to deploy our campaign to, where we were able to keep the content fresh and engaging throughout the three-week campaign.

We added snippets of trending tweets from viewers of previous seasons onto the digital billboards, as well as teasers for the next episode. To encourage others to watch the programme, tweets selected for the advertisement included: ‘Expect the Unexpected #PumpRulesOnHayu’, ‘Bring on the New Season’ and ‘My Roman Empire is Vanderpump Rules’ – showcasing authentic reactions from the audience and creating a sense of both community and excitement around the new season of the show.

The visuals on the D6 screens didn’t just stop at tweets – snippets of dramatic images of moments from the reality program were also interspersed into the ad. These visuals offered a sneak peek into the intense feuds among the cast members, leaving potential viewers eager to uncover the unfolding drama.

Steven Dennison, Creative Business Director at added,
“This campaign for Hayu not only leveraged expertise in dynamic content delivery but also showcased an understanding of the target audience, whilst also just being a bit of fun! The blend of social media reactions alongside impactful visuals from the show capitalised on the curiosity, fandom and enthusiasm of the audience of the show.”