Ben and Jerry's

UNILEVER- Ben & Jerrys

Bringing Ice Cream Lovers Some Joy


Our partnership with UNILEVER’s iconic and beloved Ben & Jerry’s brand took us on a delightful journey of creativity and consumer engagement. With the aim of making a memorable impact, we introduced a cutting-edge LOCATION product that transformed the way we connect with local consumers.

At the heart of this campaign was the dynamic overlay, designed to specifically reach out to the communities where Ben & Jerry’s fans reside. We knew that the allure of classic Cookie Dough ice cream pints was something people couldn’t resist, and our mission was to bring it to their attention in an engaging way.

To achieve this, we strategically deployed our campaign on D6 screens, carefully positioned in proximity to key stockists. This approach encouraged customers to step into stores and highlighted the importance of meeting consumers right where they are, and we did so with precision. The result? An immersive, local ice cream experience that left a sweet taste in the mouths of Ben & Jerry’s fans.