3D – A Gateway to Another World


We collaborated on a 3D DOOH project to unveil the New Mukaab, a colossal structure set to grace Riyadh by 2030. This venture combined cutting-edge technology with our creative expertise, showcasing the Mukaab’s scale and global impact. At the request of the Public Investment Fund (PIF) of Saudi Arabia, we aimed to enhance branding and advertising for The Mukaab.

There had already been online ads, videos and other visuals published but wanted to take the campaign to the next level. We took this to screens in Times Square in New York and Piccadilly Circus in London, where we elevated existing content into a 3D DOOH creative, highlighting the New Murabba structure’s unique features from its adaptive screen world to its incredible size on a global stage.

Our challenge was to effectively convey the complexity of the megastructure through an AR experience while boosting social media engagement. We meticulously planned every step, from storyboard to screen production. Thanks to our social media strategy, our final results exceeded the client’s goals by an incredible 400%, solidifying our campaign as a social media success.