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Got FOMO yet? The current Dynamic in OOH

May 2024

Steven Dennison

GroupM’s recent OOH: The Year Ahead 2024 presentation revealed that between 2022 and 2023, there was a 53% growth in Dynamic campaigns. Just looking at one of our clients, for example, we are on our 59th campaign with Tesco, and over half of their campaigns incorporate Dynamic in their ads.

In the past few years, Dynamic has moved from something new, rare, and unknown to the go-to for big brands as it incorporates the best bit of OOH advertising – in a hand-picked environment chosen best to interact with the public. Not only is Dynamic cost-effective, robust, and scalable, but it’s easy to implement, both for the agency and the client.

Agencies and brands should not ask if Dynamic DOOH is powerful but rather how much they are missing out by not using it.

The clear success of Dynamic

In today’s fast-paced world, real-time reactions and dynamic content are essential for successful advertising strategies. Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO) is the game-changing tool that elevates Dynamic DOOH within programmatic campaigns.

DCO tailors advertisements in real-time, ensuring messages connect with audiences at the perfect moment, swiftly responding to evolving events, trends, and audience behaviour. We already know from in-depth reports that Dynamic is effective on consumers, boosting effectiveness by 17%, and increasing sales by 17%. These statistics underscore the undeniable impact of Dynamic on the advertising landscape.

It’s time to catch up

Recent geo-experimentation on a campaign for a popular fast food chain aimed to prove the effectiveness of Dynamic in OOH – and did just that. While non-Dynamic OOH did drive visits to stores in the experiment, the Dynamic worked harder – driving visits through location-based callouts in our OOH screens. Normal OOH ads boosted visitation rates by 28%, compared to Dynamic out-of-home, which saw an impressive rate uplift of 72%. That is a 44% increase in visitation rates when utilising Dynamic advertising.

So, why is Dynamic more successful than regular OOH ads? The majority of visits come from those who don’t live or work in the immediate area. So, signposting store locations takes some of the effort out of visiting for the consumer.

Dynamic DOOH doesn’t just work for big-name companies like Tesco. The beauty of this type of OOH is that it takes the biggest thing that OOH has to offer – its ability to attract people while they are out and about, at targeted locations, and uses that to strengthen the connection with the public. This simple element can work for any company, anywhere – you just need the right data and some creativity behind you.

The best Of OOH

Sometimes, all of these elements come together perfectly – the right message, in the right place, at the right time – the holy trinity of OOH. Transport for London’s Elizabeth Line award-winning campaign is a great example of this.

The Elizabeth Line campaign by Transport for London aimed to educate international arrivals about the enhanced Elizabeth line service to London Heathrow Airport as they landed in London, delivered by Wavemaker, VCCP, Kinetic and The campaign listed real-time tube journeys that were running on the Elizabeth Line at the baggage claim area at Heathrow Airport, in the languages of the travellers who had just arrived from those countries.

This campaign also highlights another positive element of Dynamic: it can be useful! Aside from the creativity, an ad like this is fundamentally a useful tool for both agencies to deploy and also for consumers. The campaign serves as a prime example of how Dynamic DOOH can offer practical benefits beyond advertising, enhancing the experience for consumers.

Looking forward

Dynamic OOH screens offer a versatile platform for content that can significantly boost overall campaign effectiveness. Creative agencies are venturing into uncharted territories, crafting immersive advertisements aimed at captivating attention and actively involving the audience. While the technology is advanced and they appear clever, Dynamic DOOH is an easy technique that both large and small brands with varying budgets can take advantage of.

Having already gone a long way to demonstrate its value within the industry, Dynamic has become a powerful form of interaction with the public. Its ongoing incorporation into advertising strategies will not just reshape the industry but also provide brands with unparalleled chances to dynamically and efficiently engage with their audiences.

The best campaigns appear effortless; Dynamic DOOH does this, and if you’re not utilising these strategies in 2024, you’re missing out.