The campaign ran across a variety of rail, London underground and airport formats – cleverly reacting to, and referencing, the location of each screen. 

The live copy was contextually delivered from multiple triggers that reacted to the location, identified the train or flight passengers had just taken, and then ran live contextualized messaging of match moments  – wrapping together all components into a striking creative.  

The end result saw copy lines such as “while you were on the train from St Albans, Serena Williams was smashing four aces past Simona Halep” and so on. The final campaign incorporated a phenomenal 60,000+ different creative variations across 2 weeks.

This collaboration was a superb showcase of Modern Dynamic DOOH at scale proudly delivered by, with our OOH community and media owner friends – ‘serving’ up a perfect marriage of creative and contextual live data, which effectively reflected IBM’s data prominence at Wimbledon. 

Creative agency – Ogilvy

Media agency – Mindshare

Specialist – Kinetic

Digital production –