Making the most of the classic British Summertime weather, in this new dynamic campaign Costa is using RUSH+ Weather to trigger different creatives based on weather conditions.

With Met Office API we are able to tailor the playout at a screen level based on the weather forecasted at that specific postcode, displaying with a different creative when the temperature is above 16oC, and another when it’s below 16oC – keeping passers-by coffee ready whatever the weather.

The report also found that two thirds of overall grocery shopping took place in store in 2020, with 98% of FMCG products being purchased in store vs online. Campaigns run by FMCG brands in Q2 and Q3 2020 saw +20% awareness and +18% claimed purchase. 

As restrictions begin to ease, JCDecaux’s sentiment tracker have found that during 2021 consumers will be 4x more likely to do their grocery shopping in store this year vs online, meaning supermarket visits are planned to return to pre-COVID levels. 82% of consumers also want to hear either the same or more from food and drink advertisers.

With spend expected to be up 20% on soft drinks around Easter 2021, dynamic offers FMCG brands the chance to take advantage of an engaged audience through creative and intelligent campaigns, to help strengthen awareness as we move into spring/ summer.