For the launch of EA’s Battlefield 2042 we created a unique OOH experience, building a dynamic live lens through selected digital OOH sites. 


This allowed passers-by to gaze into the future, the alternate ‘Kingston’ version of earth, as depicted in EA’s blockbuster game – bringing UK iconic spaces alive and creating a tangible connection with the audience.


Through the use of live cameras, placed behind key large format DOOH sites, each screen was turned into its own portal (window); blending live images with game assets. The result was dynamically delivered, visually bold and contextual content that turned earth into a future version of Battlefield 2042 through the screen.


To add an extra layer of authenticity and point of connection, the live camera images changed the creative in-line with lighting and weather conditions – mirroring the external environment in this new futuristic world. What’s more, buildings obstructed by the DOOH screen were able to be altered and treated with the destruction found in ‘Kingston’ – truly bringing the audience into this parallel universe and creating excitement and anticipation of the games’ release.