17th April 2015 Neil McKenney

Why DOOH.com

In the last 12 months, the team at DOOH.com, as ENIGMA, has delivered award-winning work across dozens of clients. With sights set on international expansion, CEO Andrew Newman wanted to create a brand that both simplified the industry and announced its intentions by investing significantly in its future.

Andrew Newman, CEO of DOOH.com, said,

“Out of home advertising has been around for centuries in various forms. Digital out of home marketing is still in relative infancy, but having grown into an industry said to be worth £1bn by 2020, our investment in DOOH.com is a drop in the ocean to what is coming next for brands.

“For us, this rebrand isn’t just about changing our name. It’s about making the incredible technology at our fingertips easier to understand, more accessible and more affordable.”

“Just like it’s not only the biggest brands that run print and TV ads today, we want to also reach the middle market brands that are intrigued by and could benefit hugely from a more connected digital approach to outdoor advertising, but aren’t sure where to start. Digital out of home ads are more efficient, can run real-time content from videos to social media feeds, can be delivered quicker, can be changed in an instant – and, unlike its print cousin doesn’t have to cost the earth.”

DOOH.com has developed a number of tools that make client campaigns more accountable and will offer key statistic to clients and agencies for the first time.