To celebrate Father’s Day this year (21st June) we worked on an incredible campaign with our friends at Clear Channel, helping to dynamically deliver dedications to dads on OOH screens across the UK, in order to shine a spotlight on the amazing charity – Prostate Cancer UK. 



In the week leading up to Father’s Day, Prostate Cancer UK created a unique online space for the public to write their dedications and tributes to dads and father figures. Supporters then had a chance for those messages to be broadcast on Clear Channel screens across London, Liverpool and Glasgow – spectacularly showcasing their personal, poignant and powerful words.



We were on hand to help deliver that content to screens – as dedications were made using our RUSH platform – highlighting what makes dads great, what we love about them and what we miss when they are lost too soon to prostate cancer; ultimately raising awareness of the groundbreaking work that Prostate Cancer UK do to give more dads the chance of more Father’s Days. 



Andrew Phipps-Newman, CEO of “This is a phenomenal campaign. “Dedication to Dad” comes at a vital time for Men’s Health. It was a privilege to be involved – bringing awareness and delivering wonderful messages on screens across the country. This campaign is very close to my heart as my father was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. The best news to come out of lockdown, was that he was at a low grade risk and was able to be treated with pills – meaning he didn’t have to leave isolation. The importance of early prognosis cannot be underestimated and this campaign is a powerful way to share that message.”