Introducing Leoni Lessmann– an influential member of the team, this week Leoni was promoted to Junior Producer. Not only this Leoni has also recently been accepted as one of 350 mentees in the Bloom Network – a strong and empowering community for women in communications at all stages of their career.

In a year that has shaped our industry more than any before, we caught up with Leoni to get her thoughts on the lessons learned from the pandemic, the stand out campaigns and the biggest changes she’d like to see in OOH going forward. 

What did the pandemic teach you about the OOH industry?

That it has an audience no matter the circumstances. Someone will always have eyes on your ads and by paying attention to who those eyes belong to, you can really make a difference (e.g. with the #MyHeroes campaign, which celebrated key workers during the first lockdown in the UK and Ireland).

What was the best campaign you worked on in 2020?

#MyHeroes was 100% my favourite campaign. It felt like it had a true impact and brought together so many people across the whole OOH industry, which was truly uplifting during a time that was difficult for everyone.

What are the biggest changes you’d like to see in the OOH industry?

More diversity. I believe it’s so important to bring together a wide range of voices from all kinds of backgrounds to create and deliver campaigns that really reflect the world we live in and speak to the audiences we are trying to reach. The OOH industry works across an incredible range of clients and is so forward facing, which in my opinion makes the need for diversity even greater.

What are you most excited about in OOH in 2021?

Brands becoming more confident with dynamic out-of-home campaigns. In recent months more and more campaigns have really been making use of all the possibilities dynamic files have to offer..It’s often still an untapped resource, so it’s great to see that this is changing.

Are there any campaigns you are currently working on that stand out?

As much as I enjoy the more bespoke and experiential campaigns, I do also really like the simpler work we do. We recently went live with a campaign for Nationwide Community Boards that I was leading on, which called out the location of each screen in relation to charities that Nationwide are working with. I worked on this during a really busy couple of weeks, so it could’ve easily been a stressful time for everyone involved, but instead it was a very pleasant collaboration between our teams and the client and a very smooth experience overall!

Neil McKenney, CCO, 

“I’m thrilled to see Leoni progress into this role. Leoni has more than proved herself to be a vital member of the Production Team and in general and we can’t wait to see her grow and excel even further this year.”