Introducing Greg Nikitas, Development Engineer at Greg joined back in 2019, making the move into the industry after a long career in software development for the corporate sector. We’ve loved seeing Greg take on new challenges with the creativity and freedom the OOH industry has to offer. 

As Summer 2021 continues to be the Summer of OOH, with brands taking dynamic capabilities to a whole new level, we caught up with Greg on his journey so far and his favourite campaigns of the year. 

Career with… 

Working for has personally been a blessing and I truly feel valued as part of what is really a work family – this past year bringing us closer together – who would have thought a video call could do that? Every new campaign is an invitation to wow the client and push the boundaries of Out of Home and I’ve loved working on every campaign and project put in front of us – nothing is ever done solo – it’s the collaboration that makes it all the more worth it!

What made you decide to move into the OOH industry?

Moving to has been so refreshing as it is a company within the OOH industry rid of all the unnecessary red tape you might typically find in a corporate environment. This has allowed us to prototype custom builds which make use of machine learning, real time dynamic content and integration with data feeds that other industries would take an age to take advantage of. This is what I love about the creative side of OOH!

What are the key differences you have seen in campaigns as a result of the past year?

Many more clients are moving to campaigns that integrate with external data to improve the effectiveness of the message being put across, as they can clearly see the advantage this has. Additionally, where previously some clients might have been unsure whether to run an ad campaign due to the knock taken in the height of Covid – now we see they can’t wait to go live as they see how important it is to get the edge over their competitors – and something like our RUSH product has been extremely successful in getting them there.

Best campaign you have worked on in the past six months?

This definitely has to be our campaign with William Hill where we have been advertising sport betting odds in real time on Out Of Home screens on the roadside screens – and in pubs!