The shortlist for The Drum Out of Home Awards 2022 is here and have been nominated seven times across a range of categories. The breadth of campaigns featured all highlight different facets of dynamic capability and ultimately attest to the power of Digital Out of Home to connect people in a truly authentic way.

The Drum Awards for OOH advertising celebrate the campaigns, people and companies driving innovation, creativity and excellence around the world. We’re thrilled to have some of this year’s strongest and most groundbreaking work recognised. 


Bournemouth Takeover for Meta’s Portal 

Our campaign with Kinetic, AMV BBDO and Mindshare for Meta has been shortlisted in the ‘Innovation in OOH’ and ‘Experiential/ Ambient/ Installation’ categories. This campaign focused on creating meaningful connections and sharing something real through integrating technology from OOH and Portal, Meta’s video calling device. According to YouGov, over 1.5 million grandparents in the UK only see their grandchildren twice a year. So we headed to Bournemouth, the grandparent capital of the UK, where 72% of residents are grandparents – seizing the opportunity to demonstrate how Portal can change that by allowing these two generations to share real moments. We flooded the streets with dozens of personalised messages in which real grandchildren invited their grandparents to spend more quality time together with Portal. We also picked iconic locations – running an activation in the main shopping arcade, where D6 screens came alive with timely messages from grandchildren to their grandparents passing by the screen, and showing up at the busiest part of the seafront in Bournemouth. Here we took over a quintessential beach hut to surprise grandparents with a live Portal call from their family – to create a real, unforgettable and spontaneous moment. As the only ad-channel that can have a two-way video conversation with the audience, DOOH was used to help deliver this campaign. The innovation came through the creative use of the OOH canvas. We were able to take over Bournemouth through Digital OOH and experiential activity – pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to deliver a truly authentic campaign.


Subway TigerPig 

TigerPig for Subway UK is nominated for both ‘Interactive’ and ‘Best Use of AR’. 

This campaign with Kinetic, MediaCom Edinburgh and Above Agency, celebrated the TigerPig – a festive favourite Pig-in-Blanket sub. For maximum impact, we needed an idea that could cut through the festive clutter; an idea we could bring to life in the digital and physical environments that the 18-34 Subway audience spent their time…Working with TikTok, we had dance crew Diversity choreograph a unique TigerPig dance. We then took this HashTag Challenge into the real world and into the metaverse with a TigerPig avatar to bring #TigerPigDance to our audience. A bespoke retro arcade ‘Dance Game’ was back engineered; enabling the public to score points with every step – competing against Diversity TigerPig avatars on screen. The JustDance game toured UK shopping centres reaching 40,000 visitors and the hashtag challenge went viral – reaching 14.6 million on TikTok. 


Tesco Christmas 

Tesco Christmas is shortlisted in ‘Best National Campaign’ with Kinetic, MediaCom and BBH Blacksheep.  

This campaign was contextual targeting at its finest – tapping into time, date, location, mood and mindset. Christmas 2021 was set to be big for many families keen to reconnect with loved ones and celebrate in their traditional way. Tesco set out to create a joyful Christmas for all – providing everything a family needs to help them celebrate during the festive period. Achieving this on a national level was a huge task, with families celebrating in different ways depending upon their traditions, backgrounds and circumstances. So, we helped Tesco create its most customised Christmas to date through a smart, data-led OOH activation. Not only did it deliver reach to the entire nation, but media placement and messaging were tailor-made for each of its family audiences at each stage of their Christmas food purchase journey. 


Tesco ‘Together this Ramadan’

Another Tesco campaign that made the shortlist is ‘Together this Ramadan’, which is nominated in ‘Best Use of Digital Technologies’ with Kinetic, MediaComUK, BBH Blacksheep and Unmistakables.

Ramadan is one of the biggest festivals for the Muslim community. Within the UK, over 4 million Muslims observe and celebrate throughout the month. However, the festival is often misrepresented or largely absent in British media. Serving customers and communities a little better every day is fundamental to Tesco’s business strategy and purpose. And with the Muslim community often feeling misunderstood or unheard, Tesco set out to change this. Ramadan was the most important moment to do this – to celebrate and support the Muslim community, while educating and raising awareness amongst non-Muslims. Smart data via Kinetic Journeys/ONS was used to precision-plan sites that were east-facing and within key Muslim hotspot areas, carefully avoiding stores and venues that sold alcohol. The creative message worked in perfect harmony with the media placement using the latest day-and-night digital technology to display a fasting and non-fasting message. The accuracy of this was crucial to ensuring UK Muslims were not encouraged to break fast early, so the digital technology activated each site at the specific and changing time of sunset for each individual location. Prior to sunset the message displayed empty plates, with the plates filling up at sunset with a supporting message.  


ITV Trigger Point 

ITV’s Trigger Point also made the ‘Best Use of Digital Technologies’ category with Kinetic, Essence Global, ITV Creative and Pixel Artworks.

With this campaign we launched their new crime thriller series, Trigger Point, with the aim of becoming ITV’s most watched and talked about Drama of the year. With a campaign focused on building excitement and tension using relevant dynamic creative, OOH was able to deliver explosive results. Mirroring the bomb squad tension and excitement of the drama, we wanted to create a real sense of suspense in the form of a real-time dynamic countdown. We were able to do this in spectacular style too; running on air, in all wider comms, OOH and most dramatically in a projection on London’s County Hall.   

Andrew Newman, CEO, “It has been a strong year in the evolution of dynamic campaigns, we have elevated content in new ways to make it work smarter and harder for our audiences; creating both active participation in one-off bespoke activations and reaching the public at scale with nationwide campaigns. It’s great to see that those campaigns on the shortlist truly capture the ability of OOH to connect people in an authentic way – offering the public something that no other ad channel can.”