We’re thrilled to have had campaigns shortlisted for a staggering four awards at this year’s Campaign Media Awards. The Campaign Awards are a highlight of our calendar each year; celebrating the innovation that keeps our industry so fast-moving, change-making and rewarding. 


The campaigns we’ve made the shortlist for span three categories; Retail (online & offline), Travel & Leisure, and the Data & Creativity. 


For Retail, our work with agency, Mediacom, on the Tesco Centenary campaign has been selected. The success of this celebratory campaign lies in the stats – it was the highest recorded ROI for a new campaign (£3.10), and growing value perceptions +2.5% YoY. 


We’re so excited to have two works shortlisted in the Data & Creativity Award, in recognition of what we do best! In this category is the 2019 IBM Wimbledon campaign, which we worked on alongside Kinetic Worldwide.  


The campaign was a huge undertaking that needed the power of IBM’s Watson AI behind it. It included the building of over 60,000 different creatives with dynamic features; including live on-court action, travel and location triggers – the scale of this made it all the more gratifying to be a part of. 


Also nominated in this category is the British Airways’ Power of suggestion campaign, which ran throughout the crucial month of January Sales, and we helped bring to life with Wavemaker, Kinetic, Oglivy.


This was a unique digital OOH campaign for British Airways who needed to meet growing revenue targets for January. To keep the campaign relevant, engaging and give social proof of its success, we developed a world-first algorithm for the brand, that dynamically served sale destinations across OOH sites; displaying creatives based on local popularity that hailed the “Power of Suggestion”. This bespoke dynamic campaign delivered demonstrably great success, with dynamically-served routes yielding a +8% revenue versus last year.


The BA “Power of Suggestion” Campaign has also made the shortlist in the Travel & Leisure category, with BA Marketing Lead, Beyza Beyaztasaydin commenting, “The fact that routes advertised dynamically during Sale did so well clearly shows that this strategy has had a positive influence on commercial results.”


We’re so proud to have these campaigns recognised by the Campaign Media Awards, bring on April for the ceremony and results!