Introducing Christy Downes, Senior Producer at Christy joined us back in 2018 as a Junior Producer, jumping up to Producer level before landing his current role. 

To kick off 2023, we sat down with Christy to talk about his career at, what campaigns he’s working on, and what he thinks the future of OOH looks like. Read on to find out what he had to say.


How do you feel the industry has evolved over the years since you started? 

Brands have been embracing dynamic DOOH more and more in recent years, and in many different and creative ways, which is great to see. We’re seeing more examples of dynamic elements seamlessly integrating into campaigns, rather than it feeling like an afterthought. I’m pleased to see that the format is getting recognised for potential that it’s always had.


Best campaign you have worked on in the past six months?

One of my favourite recent campaigns is one that we ran for M&S in the autumn. The campaign used multiple dynamic feeds to great effect. A combination of location and stock data was used to display products relevant to any given panel based on availability in the nearest store. 


What are the biggest changes you’d like to see in the OOH industry?

From a campaign perspective, much like the above M&S example, I’d love to see more exploration of the different tools that dynamic has to offer. There’s lots of cool and interesting ways that multiple data sources can be interwoven to create an ad that works hard in the background to give a simple, effective result on screen. 


What are you most excited about seeing happen in OOH over the next year?

3D creative has been gaining a lot of traction, to the point where I’m seeing people posting about it online outside of the industry. I’m interested to see where that’s heading. It’s a great tool that brands can use to deliver something memorable. Something that stops people in their tracks and makes them take notice of what they’re seeing.


Are there any campaigns you are working on at the moment that stand out?

There’s a campaign for Boots we have worked on recently that I really like. It ran a few months ago and is going back live again soon. It uses a live counter to display the total customer savings made through their Advantage Cards in real-time. It’s rare that we do campaigns that display a growing total over a period of time, but they’re always really effective when we do them. This is a great example of that.