Gets Investment From Kinetic

I’m delighted to announce that Kinetic, the UK’s leading Out-of-Home (OOH) agency, has taken a stake in to further strengthen its capabilities in delivering impactful, dynamic digital outdoor campaigns. is the fastest-growing out of home production house in the UK, established through true alignment and close working relationships with all major media owners. The media owners were our first clients and remain so today. Together we’ve helped to standardise the process of dynamic delivery, while ensuring innovation underpins everything we do.
Smarter or dynamic as standard has taken us from smaller ‘stunt’ campaigns, in terms of media plans to true dynamic at scale, recently demonstrated with Facebook across some 1,500 screens.

I’m very proud of the strength of relationship we equally have with Kinetic and the media owners alike. Delivering dynamic campaigns inherently comes with a risk, this risk is mitigated with complete transparency and a strong sense of ownership of the whole delivery chain, which we are known for.

Most of all I want to thank my business partner Anthony Ganjou and the team. Their support over the past two years to me personally has made this happen.

Andrew Phipps Newman – CEO & Co-Founder

March For Giants Returns! has once again lent their support to Space for Giants to help a virtual herd of elephants walk the globe!

The March for Giants begin today. Join the herd by donating £5 by texting “GIANT” to 70025.

Check out the Independent article for information on this years campaign.

Advertising Our Future

How digital advertising organisations both push the boundaries of experience and use technology for social good.

When Blade Runner came out in 1982 it electrified global audiences by imagining life in the not too distant future. The film quickly became a neo noir classic, and turned out to be remarkably prescient about the world of advertising. With pre-internet visions of digital content and moving-image billboards, Director Ridley Scott took the era’s advertisers’ most progressive ideas and gave the world a preview.

For Andrew Phipps Newman, CEO of – which stands for digital out of home – it inspired his life’s work. “Blade Runner was the film that made me want to work in digital advertising. I knew that what I was watching wasn’t sci-fi, it was the future.”

Read the full article in The Independent. Rides The Rapids had the pleasure of visiting the Lee Valley White Water Adventure Centre this week for some team activities on the rapids. After getting suited up and taken through the safety training we took to the Olympic White Water Rapids with our instructor Jorge.

Spending the afternoon riding the rapids was a unique and exciting experience for the whole DOOH team. We all came away with smile on our faces and certainly felt it the next day. It was all worth it though.

Vodafone serves sports news in largest dynamic DOOH campaign

Vodafone today launches a two week activation, with the campaign message ‘from here’, which sees the largest fully dynamic DOOH campaign the country has ever seen. Running in excess of 1,000 screens across seven media owners publishing sport headlines in real-time to the nation.

The task of delivering the latest sports headlines, provided by Perform Group’s Omnisport service, was one that production house relished. In this media first, headlines are pulled in automatically from Omnisport in real-time and served up to all screens nationwide in minutes, meaning nobody is far from the latest sporting news.

The DOOH activity was conceived by MEC, and the execution was a collaborative effort between client agencies Kinetic Active, Ogilvy, and Perform, and produced by

Andrew Phipps Newman, CEO and Founder,, said:
“The Vodafone campaign brief of ‘accessibility, from here, wherever you are, with the UK’s widest reaching network’ perfectly exemplifies and reflects our execution. The UK’s largest dynamic campaign, reaching more people than ever before with an accessible off the shelf solution. Further proving our industry has evolved to a ‘dynamic by default’ service”.

Thunderbirds Are Go! (Again)

After a highly successful UK tour of the Halifax Thunderbirds-themed game the game has taken to the road again. This time around the game is appearing in Westfield London, Intu Victoria Centre, Nottingham and Trinity, Leeds.

The game is controlled by your mobile phone using hyper-local wifi. Members of the public can connect to the game through their phone which is used as the controller.

The game was developed with Kinetic UK and Greenhouse Group for Halifax. The hyper-local technology supporting the game is provided by Meshh.

Check our our original blog post from the first tour in April.

Nissan Celebrates The Women’s Cricket World Cup Final

Working with Curb Media, once again helped celebrate Cricket with Nissan. This time around the DOOH team attended the Women’s World Cup Final with the Flexlyte 3d Model of the Nissan X-Trail at Lords.

As with the ICC the car reacted to the game play and celebrated all the moments including the win by the Women’s England Team against India.

Check out our original post on the deployment of the model at The Oval for the ICC.

Weather reactive DOOH for BMW Mini goes topless

BMW Mini, in its first Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) activation, launches this May with weather reactive triggers to promote the Mini Cooper Black and Convertible Editions. The campaign runs on multiple media owner networks nationwide from 22nd May for two weeks.

Utilising’s Context system, weather reactive copy promoting different editions of the Mini Cooper are displayed on individual DOOH screens depending on the likelihood of the customer to have the roof of their car down. Warm, dry weather publishes the Mini Cooper Convertible Edition with other conditions showing the Black Edition creative.

The DOOH activity was conceived by MEC, and the execution was a collaborative effort between client agencies Kinetic Active, Brooklyn Brothers, and Smoke and Mirrors, and produced by

Andrew Phipps-Newman, CEO and Founder,, said:
“The beauty of the BMW Mini execution is in its simplicity. Using Context’s own in-built weather triggers, linear creative is delivered to screen without the need for complicated dynamic deployments, enabling the client to enact a contextual DOOH activation in days rather than weeks and at a price point reflecting this. Context is very much the enabler of rapid and cost-effective DOOH deployments.”

Enjoy Rekorderlig whatever the weather with Dynamic DOOH

This May, Rekorderlig, Molson Coors’ premium cider brand, launches a nationwide dynamic digital out of home (DOOH) campaign. The campaign, which runs on multiple media owner networks in seven regions from 22nd May for two weeks, features weather reactive and regionalised copy to stimulate both on-trade and off-trade sales.

The campaign creative utilises’s Context system to deliver the regionalised weather reactive copy, that also combines day-of-week to cater for on and off-trade purchasing habits, for full motion screens and simpler time-based callouts for static DOOH sites. Introduced by Rekorderlig’s own weatherman, the creative advises the viewer of the upcoming weather conditions and draws from a creative matrix of over 130 messages all delivered dynamically and contextually.

The DOOH activity was conceived by Saatchi & Saatchi, and the execution was a collaborative effort between client agencies Zenith Optimedia and Kinetic Active, and produced by

Andrew Phipps-Newman, CEO and Founder,, said:
“Molson Coors have really hit the ground running for their first DOOH campaign for Rekorderlig by combining different types of data feeds to deliver unique messaging from a vast creative matrix, painlessly. The Context system combines technology and best practice production techniques, together they simplify the delivery process guiding the client seamless through delivery to sign-off, allowing what would have been considered Dynamic files to be supplied to a Linear workflow”

The ‘face of advertising’ revealed as a young white man

Our latest campaign with MEC UK where people attending Advertising Week Europe were asked to #BraveYourBias.

Article via Campaign

The average face of attendees at Advertising Week Europe this year is that of a young, white man, it has been revealed.

MEC UK created the average face by merging photos of delegates that attended Advertising Week Europe on the first day.

It is a visual representation of the lack of diversity in the industry.

As part of a diversity drive at the event, MEC UK also asked delegates to take Harvard University’s Implicit Associate Tests, which highlighted unconscious bias in the industry.

Here, Jason Dormieux, the chief executive of MEC UK, discusses the finding:

“Predictably, the Face of Advertising is a white twentysomething male. This clearly demonstrates the scale of the task ahead if the industry is to hit Campaign and the IPA’s 2020 targets of 15% of people in leadership positions from a non-white background and 25% per cent of new joiners from BAME backgrounds.

“And it’s not just gender and ethnicity that’s an issue, our recent research on ageism in media revealed we are losing people over the age of fifty at a time when the population is living to a much greater age.”

Of the Harvard tests, Dormieux said: “As more of us take the tests and become aware of our biases we can start to recognise where we as individuals can make changes. For example, when we are recruiting, questioning why we think a candidate is good. Is it because of their ability, or because they think like us?

“Even though as an industry we are behind many others when it comes to diversity, equally we know that bringing together more diverse teams results in better work, even if it makes life harder initially, because people from different backgrounds tend not to automatically agree with one another.

“While we can put processes and structure in place to help steer people in the right direction to be more inclusive, ultimately you can’t eradicate in built prejudices because it’s part of who we are. The key is to make people conscious of their biases and take responsibility for keeping a check on them.”