has received six nominations in Campaign Magazine’s Tech Awards 2023. These celebrated awards recognise the most innovative and exciting tech companies working around the UK and our engaging and often interactive campaigns showcase some of the best tech around.

  • Best Use of Data: Making Race For Life Unmissable
  • Best Use of Experiential Tech: Subway: Make Your Own Footlong
  • Best Use of Tech in out-of-home: Subway: Make Your Own Footlong
  • Best Use of Tech in out-of-home: Breaking News Stories with Times Radio
  • Tech as Part of a Campaign: Subway: Make Your Own Footlong
  • Tech as Part of a Campaign: Retail: M&S 

The breadth of these campaigns demonstrates the continuing evolution of DOOH and the ability to connect with audiences in an exciting and meaningful way. From letting them know where to find their closest charity fundraiser to stepping into the metaverse and creating a subway Footlong in 3D on the big screen and then having it delivered to them for real!


Making Race for Life Unmissable

CRUK used our Location tech to promote their Race For Life events over the summer.  This omni-channel campaign saw screens selected within a 10 mile radius of the 131 races across the UK. The dynamic creative at scale featured the closest Race For Life event with the date and exact location as well as the different distance races taking place. This highly personalised, locally relevant story-telling resulted in high engagement and a 34% uplift in race entries.

In collaboration with A Million Ads, Finecast, Xaxis, Group M Nexus, Choreograph, Essence Mediacom, Kinetic and Sightline.  


M&S – Good Move

M&S launched their Good Move Activewear campaign using RUSH+.  

Using live stock level data from each store we were able to display whether the items shown in each ad were available to purchase at the nearest Marks and Spencer shop. A dynamic call out invited consumers to visit the nearby store to purchase the item but if they became unavailable they were immediately invited to instead order the items online.

In collaboration with Xaxis, Kinetic, Mindshare and Sightline.  


Subway: Make your own Footlong

Nominated for three of the six awards this was one of our most loved campaigns of 2022. We handed the iconic screen at Westfield to Subway fans via mobile enabling them to dynamically control the 3D ingredients and allowing them to create their own personalised Sub which, once built on screen, was delivered into their hands by the nearby Subway store.

The technology we used enabled us to deliver this world media-first, taking three-dimensional DOOH content to a whole new level; from a passive experience to an interactive one.

In collaboration with EssenceMediacom, Kinetic and Above & Beyond.


Breaking News Stories with Times Radio

Using the power of dynamic programmatic, Times Radio were able to creatively share the latest news and headlines straight to the public.

This campaign saw Times Radio taking over screens in key cities across the UK. Breaking news stories were shared within a matter of hours and the creative was dynamically altered as the story progressed making a more immediate, reactive and relevant campaign.

In collaboration with Xaxis, Kinetic, Pulse Creative, mSix & Partners and Sightline.