We are thrilled to have made the shortlist twice for this year’s Campaign Tech Awards.

The tech awards showcase how technology can drive outstanding creativity, especially through collaboration, so it is fitting that the campaign that has made the shortlist is IBM Watson (Wimbledon 2019). 

This campaign was the 30th Anniversary celebration of IBM being the official supplier of Information Technology to the Wimbledon Championships. Unlocking the power of digital out of home; it dynamically created a unique experience for the audience, broadcasting updates within seconds of them happening across out-of-home screens in key locations. This resulted in over 60,000 different creatives, contextually relevant to their locations, with lines such as ‘While you were on the Central Line, you missed Sir Andy and Serena going out in style’ and ‘While you were on the train from Orpington, you missed Halep roaring to her first Wimbledon title’.  

The incredibly rich, yet complex data-driven campaign has been selected in the categories “Best use of Tech in OOH” and “Best use of Data and Insight”. 

This was a huge undertaking and the brilliant results were an achievement of the collaboration between ourselves, Kinetic, Mindshare and Ogilvy. We at DOOH.com share the team at Campaign Tech Awards’ belief that collaboration is King, and that the future of our industry lies in these partnerships. It has been a pivotal few months, through which our industry’s passion and creativity has come alive – we can’t wait to hear the results of the awards, and are looking forward to future joint campaigns.


Campaign Background: 

2019 marked the 30th year IBM has been the official supplier of Information Technology to the All England Club and The Championships, Wimbledon. To truly celebrate this anniversary, IBM wanted to showcase the capabilities of their Watson AI – a computer system capable of answering questions posed in natural language – reaching their target business demographic at peak times throughout their day to day lives, i.e. their commute etc.

An on-site team became a live newsroom for IBM over the fortnight, capturing match action and immediately updating new executions. Alongside Kinetic, Mindshare and Ogilvy we collaborated to serve up multiple winners across 269 individual DOOH locations.

With sites identified, contextual elements were added to each creative using additional data points such as train destinations, underground lines, popular passenger journeys and nearby landmarks – this was in addition to the live data from Wimbledon matches. 

40 stock background images were overlaid with a unique text layout, and locational callout, updated in near-real time, resulting in creatives reflecting action that would have taken place during a certain journey time.