28th January 2016 Neil McKenney

‘Bigger Issues’ campaign sees 45% increase in awareness of male suicide

Back in November 2015 we worked on an amazing campaign with Lynx, CALM and Kinetic on a campaign raising awareness about suicide in men under 45. A YouGov poll showed that awareness has gone up by a massive 45%!

Here’s what CALM had to say about this amazing increase in awareness:

CALM is delighted to announce the success of the #BiggerIssues campaign in raising awareness that suicide is the biggest single killer of men aged under 45 by a massive 45%.

The campaign, which launched in partnership with Lynx on 2nd November, was backed by MPs, celebrities and suicide prevention charities alike, and culminated in a ‘Thunderclap’ message via social media reaching some 23.4 million people on the morning of International Mens’ Day (19th November) with a debate on men and the issue of male suicide in Parliament that afternoon.

Throughout November, CALM also managed other targeted awareness campaigns, including a partnership with Planet Rock Radio and a London based ‘Mind The Chap’ campaign with TOPMAN and Octopus Investments. This increase is a welcome result for a charity with less than a dozen staff at its London HQ.

CALM commissioned a YouGov poll in October 2015, which showed that awareness of suicide as the biggest single killer of men aged under 45 stood at 20% of UK adults. The poll was repeated on 15-16th December and revealed that awareness across the country rose to twenty nine per cent. View a table showing the 45% increase here.

CALM CEO Jane Powell said:

“Too often we hear loved ones saying after a suicide that they weren’t aware of the facts, that they wish they’d known that this is the leading cause of death for young men in the UK. The #BiggerIssues campaign provided a great step forward in terms raising awareness and breaking down the barriers to being able to talk openly about an issue that has too long been swept under the carpet. The more awareness there is, the more we can normalise the conversation around suicide, with the aim of creating an environment in which more men feel able to ask for and can receive help.”

SOURCE: The Calm Zone