3D at Scale with Maybelline New York The Falsies Surreal Mascara

3D Out of Home at scale: Kinetic and DOOH.com deliver world’s largest 3D DOOH campaign for Maybelline New York The Falsies Surreal Extension Mascara


  • National campaign for Maybelline New York Falsies Surreal Extension Mascara is the biggest 3D Out of Home campaign in any market


Kinetic, DOOH.com and EssenceMediacomX have launched a major national 3D Out of Home campaign for Maybelline New York Surreal Falsies Mascara. 


Running on over 280 sites across small and large format screens, the campaign is the largest 3D Out of Home campaign ever run in any market in terms of scale. 


3D content will run in multiple environments including high streets, shopping malls, rail stations alongside spectaculars such as the Panoramic Banner at Manchester Arndale Shopping Centre. 


Targeting a Gen Z and younger millennial audience, the campaign which runs in 10 and 20 second versions, features May, a digital avatar invented by Maybelline and whose 3D form was built by DOOH.com, emerging in three dimensions from the digital screen. Each screen has been carefully chosen based on its prime viewing angle to enable the creative to look as though it is breaking the boundaries of the screen site, regardless of where a viewer is standing.


May, and the broader The Falsies Surreal Extension Mascara campaign, has hit TVs across the UK supported by online content globally. The Out of Home element of the campaign is designed to reach an even bigger audience and drive mass awareness of Falsies Surreal Extension Mascara. 


“We are beyond excited to see Maybelline Falsies Surreal Mascara live nationally across multiple OOH formats and environments! This campaign is the first of its kind, with months of planning and detail to ensure that May’s avatar is brought to life across 3D DOOH screens at a mass scale. It’s wonderful to see beauty brands like Maybelline pave their way into this space and fully utilise the creative opportunities that OOH offers.” – Artemis Christodoulou – Account Manager, Kinetic


“This is the largest 3D campaign, in terms of scale, any market has seen.” said Andrew Newman CEO DOOH.com. “This is a colossal achievement and one that aligns with our industry commercial principles of reach. 3D DOOH at scale is the next evolutionary step of forced perspective creative and sets a new bar. A massive thank you to the media owners for ensuring the 3D elements were a success on screens of all sizes.”


“3D OOH was the natural fit for this campaign which is routed in a ‘surreal’ metaverse storytelling. The 3D OOH is achieving a deeper connection between our brand and a valuable, diverse audience through eye catching content in environments where they are primed to make purchase decisions.” – Delphine Consigny – Marketing Director Maybelline UKI.

DOOH.com shortlisted in 6 Campaign Tech Awards

DOOH.com has received six nominations in Campaign Magazine’s Tech Awards 2023. These celebrated awards recognise the most innovative and exciting tech companies working around the UK and our engaging and often interactive campaigns showcase some of the best tech around.

  • Best Use of Data: Making Race For Life Unmissable
  • Best Use of Experiential Tech: Subway: Make Your Own Footlong
  • Best Use of Tech in out-of-home: Subway: Make Your Own Footlong
  • Best Use of Tech in out-of-home: Breaking News Stories with Times Radio
  • Tech as Part of a Campaign: Subway: Make Your Own Footlong
  • Tech as Part of a Campaign: Retail: M&S 

The breadth of these campaigns demonstrates the continuing evolution of DOOH and the ability to connect with audiences in an exciting and meaningful way. From letting them know where to find their closest charity fundraiser to stepping into the metaverse and creating a subway Footlong in 3D on the big screen and then having it delivered to them for real!


Making Race for Life Unmissable

CRUK used our Location tech to promote their Race For Life events over the summer.  This omni-channel campaign saw screens selected within a 10 mile radius of the 131 races across the UK. The dynamic creative at scale featured the closest Race For Life event with the date and exact location as well as the different distance races taking place. This highly personalised, locally relevant story-telling resulted in high engagement and a 34% uplift in race entries.

In collaboration with A Million Ads, Finecast, Xaxis, Group M Nexus, Choreograph, Essence Mediacom, Kinetic and Sightline.  


M&S – Good Move

M&S launched their Good Move Activewear campaign using RUSH+.  

Using live stock level data from each store we were able to display whether the items shown in each ad were available to purchase at the nearest Marks and Spencer shop. A dynamic call out invited consumers to visit the nearby store to purchase the item but if they became unavailable they were immediately invited to instead order the items online.

In collaboration with Xaxis, Kinetic, Mindshare and Sightline.  


Subway: Make your own Footlong

Nominated for three of the six awards this was one of our most loved campaigns of 2022. We handed the iconic screen at Westfield to Subway fans via mobile enabling them to dynamically control the 3D ingredients and allowing them to create their own personalised Sub which, once built on screen, was delivered into their hands by the nearby Subway store.

The technology we used enabled us to deliver this world media-first, taking three-dimensional DOOH content to a whole new level; from a passive experience to an interactive one.

In collaboration with EssenceMediacom, Kinetic and Above & Beyond.


Breaking News Stories with Times Radio

Using the power of dynamic programmatic, Times Radio were able to creatively share the latest news and headlines straight to the public.

This campaign saw Times Radio taking over screens in key cities across the UK. Breaking news stories were shared within a matter of hours and the creative was dynamically altered as the story progressed making a more immediate, reactive and relevant campaign.

In collaboration with Xaxis, Kinetic, Pulse Creative, mSix & Partners and Sightline. 

Continuing a career in OOH - Introducing Christy Downes, Senior Producer

Introducing Christy Downes, Senior Producer at DOOH.com. Christy joined us back in 2018 as a Junior Producer, jumping up to Producer level before landing his current role. 

To kick off 2023, we sat down with Christy to talk about his career at DOOH.com, what campaigns he’s working on, and what he thinks the future of OOH looks like. Read on to find out what he had to say.


How do you feel the industry has evolved over the years since you started? 

Brands have been embracing dynamic DOOH more and more in recent years, and in many different and creative ways, which is great to see. We’re seeing more examples of dynamic elements seamlessly integrating into campaigns, rather than it feeling like an afterthought. I’m pleased to see that the format is getting recognised for potential that it’s always had.


Best campaign you have worked on in the past six months?

One of my favourite recent campaigns is one that we ran for M&S in the autumn. The campaign used multiple dynamic feeds to great effect. A combination of location and stock data was used to display products relevant to any given panel based on availability in the nearest store. 


What are the biggest changes you’d like to see in the OOH industry?

From a campaign perspective, much like the above M&S example, I’d love to see more exploration of the different tools that dynamic has to offer. There’s lots of cool and interesting ways that multiple data sources can be interwoven to create an ad that works hard in the background to give a simple, effective result on screen. 


What are you most excited about seeing happen in OOH over the next year?

3D creative has been gaining a lot of traction, to the point where I’m seeing people posting about it online outside of the industry. I’m interested to see where that’s heading. It’s a great tool that brands can use to deliver something memorable. Something that stops people in their tracks and makes them take notice of what they’re seeing.


Are there any campaigns you are working on at the moment that stand out?

There’s a campaign for Boots we have worked on recently that I really like. It ran a few months ago and is going back live again soon. It uses a live counter to display the total customer savings made through their Advantage Cards in real-time. It’s rare that we do campaigns that display a growing total over a period of time, but they’re always really effective when we do them. This is a great example of that.

DOOH.com receives seven nominations in Drum OOH Awards 2022 shortlist

The shortlist for The Drum Out of Home Awards 2022 is here and DOOH.com have been nominated seven times across a range of categories. The breadth of campaigns featured all highlight different facets of dynamic capability and ultimately attest to the power of Digital Out of Home to connect people in a truly authentic way.

The Drum Awards for OOH advertising celebrate the campaigns, people and companies driving innovation, creativity and excellence around the world. We’re thrilled to have some of this year’s strongest and most groundbreaking work recognised. 


Bournemouth Takeover for Meta’s Portal 

Our campaign with Kinetic, AMV BBDO and Mindshare for Meta has been shortlisted in the ‘Innovation in OOH’ and ‘Experiential/ Ambient/ Installation’ categories. This campaign focused on creating meaningful connections and sharing something real through integrating technology from OOH and Portal, Meta’s video calling device. According to YouGov, over 1.5 million grandparents in the UK only see their grandchildren twice a year. So we headed to Bournemouth, the grandparent capital of the UK, where 72% of residents are grandparents – seizing the opportunity to demonstrate how Portal can change that by allowing these two generations to share real moments. We flooded the streets with dozens of personalised messages in which real grandchildren invited their grandparents to spend more quality time together with Portal. We also picked iconic locations – running an activation in the main shopping arcade, where D6 screens came alive with timely messages from grandchildren to their grandparents passing by the screen, and showing up at the busiest part of the seafront in Bournemouth. Here we took over a quintessential beach hut to surprise grandparents with a live Portal call from their family – to create a real, unforgettable and spontaneous moment. As the only ad-channel that can have a two-way video conversation with the audience, DOOH was used to help deliver this campaign. The innovation came through the creative use of the OOH canvas. We were able to take over Bournemouth through Digital OOH and experiential activity – pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to deliver a truly authentic campaign.


Subway TigerPig 

TigerPig for Subway UK is nominated for both ‘Interactive’ and ‘Best Use of AR’. 

This campaign with Kinetic, MediaCom Edinburgh and Above Agency, celebrated the TigerPig – a festive favourite Pig-in-Blanket sub. For maximum impact, we needed an idea that could cut through the festive clutter; an idea we could bring to life in the digital and physical environments that the 18-34 Subway audience spent their time…Working with TikTok, we had dance crew Diversity choreograph a unique TigerPig dance. We then took this HashTag Challenge into the real world and into the metaverse with a TigerPig avatar to bring #TigerPigDance to our audience. A bespoke retro arcade ‘Dance Game’ was back engineered; enabling the public to score points with every step – competing against Diversity TigerPig avatars on screen. The JustDance game toured UK shopping centres reaching 40,000 visitors and the hashtag challenge went viral – reaching 14.6 million on TikTok. 


Tesco Christmas 

Tesco Christmas is shortlisted in ‘Best National Campaign’ with Kinetic, MediaCom and BBH Blacksheep.  

This campaign was contextual targeting at its finest – tapping into time, date, location, mood and mindset. Christmas 2021 was set to be big for many families keen to reconnect with loved ones and celebrate in their traditional way. Tesco set out to create a joyful Christmas for all – providing everything a family needs to help them celebrate during the festive period. Achieving this on a national level was a huge task, with families celebrating in different ways depending upon their traditions, backgrounds and circumstances. So, we helped Tesco create its most customised Christmas to date through a smart, data-led OOH activation. Not only did it deliver reach to the entire nation, but media placement and messaging were tailor-made for each of its family audiences at each stage of their Christmas food purchase journey. 


Tesco ‘Together this Ramadan’

Another Tesco campaign that made the shortlist is ‘Together this Ramadan’, which is nominated in ‘Best Use of Digital Technologies’ with Kinetic, MediaComUK, BBH Blacksheep and Unmistakables.

Ramadan is one of the biggest festivals for the Muslim community. Within the UK, over 4 million Muslims observe and celebrate throughout the month. However, the festival is often misrepresented or largely absent in British media. Serving customers and communities a little better every day is fundamental to Tesco’s business strategy and purpose. And with the Muslim community often feeling misunderstood or unheard, Tesco set out to change this. Ramadan was the most important moment to do this – to celebrate and support the Muslim community, while educating and raising awareness amongst non-Muslims. Smart data via Kinetic Journeys/ONS was used to precision-plan sites that were east-facing and within key Muslim hotspot areas, carefully avoiding stores and venues that sold alcohol. The creative message worked in perfect harmony with the media placement using the latest day-and-night digital technology to display a fasting and non-fasting message. The accuracy of this was crucial to ensuring UK Muslims were not encouraged to break fast early, so the digital technology activated each site at the specific and changing time of sunset for each individual location. Prior to sunset the message displayed empty plates, with the plates filling up at sunset with a supporting message.  


ITV Trigger Point 

ITV’s Trigger Point also made the ‘Best Use of Digital Technologies’ category with Kinetic, Essence Global, ITV Creative and Pixel Artworks.

With this campaign we launched their new crime thriller series, Trigger Point, with the aim of becoming ITV’s most watched and talked about Drama of the year. With a campaign focused on building excitement and tension using relevant dynamic creative, OOH was able to deliver explosive results. Mirroring the bomb squad tension and excitement of the drama, we wanted to create a real sense of suspense in the form of a real-time dynamic countdown. We were able to do this in spectacular style too; running on air, in all wider comms, OOH and most dramatically in a projection on London’s County Hall.   

Andrew Newman, CEO, DOOH.com “It has been a strong year in the evolution of dynamic campaigns, we have elevated content in new ways to make it work smarter and harder for our audiences; creating both active participation in one-off bespoke activations and reaching the public at scale with nationwide campaigns. It’s great to see that those campaigns on the shortlist truly capture the ability of OOH to connect people in an authentic way – offering the public something that no other ad channel can.”

Kinetic & DOOH.com partners with Times Radio to broadcast breaking news as it airs using digital OOH

Leading Out of Home specialist, Kinetic & DOOH.com has partnered with Times Radio to launch its latest data-driven campaign. Using Kinetic’s global programmatic OOH platform ‘Sightline’, the campaign targets audiences interested in news and current affairs at the most relevant moments with messages reacting to the biggest breaking news stories.

In conjunction with mSix&Partners, Times Radio are able to programmatically activate campaigns on digital 48 sheets in key cities across the UK – going live within 8 hours of the news happening – marking a huge advancement from classic OOH lead times.

Kinetic and Times Radio have run multiple campaign bursts over the past few months, with the most recent featuring the vote of confidence in Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, in which ads went live the same day. Previous bursts include a campaign surrounding the breaking Partygate / Sue Gray report story that engulfed the nation, along with ads relating to the local elections earlier in May.

Using programmatic Out of Home and dynamic creative, Kinetic’s capabilities enable the publisher to spark debate and get in front of key audiences at the critical moment when breaking news hits the airwaves. By projecting highly adaptive creative in response to real-world events, Times Radio is able to demonstrate that they are at the forefront of debate and analysis on the most important and topical news stories to date.

Kinetic’s expert team was also able to help Times Radio navigate regulation and legislation flexibly in terms of creative output. This included alcoholic drinks being present in the Partygate photographs, which could have been in violation of alcohol advertising regulations.

Alys Donnelly, Head of Programmatic, Kinetic said: “It’s great to be able to show the true extent of OOH’s abilities for a brand that absolutely relies on demonstrating its ability to keep on top of consumer interest and breaking news. We’re proud to once again prove that Kinetic is ahead of the pack in data-driven programmatic DOOH advertising, and hope this serves as a case study for brands who are yet to see the tremendous steps our medium has taken in its ability to adaptively reach consumers with the right ads, at the right time.”

Louise Agran, Marketing Director for Times Radio said: “To show people that Times Radio is the live news station from The Times, we were looking for ways to be reactive to the news agenda. We were delighted to find this solution which allows us to be creative, responsible and flexible.”

Kickstarting a career in OOH - Introducing Mia Markin, Production Assistant

Introducing Mia Markin, one of our Production Assistants at DOOH.com. Mia joined us in late 2021 kick starting her career in out of home. She has already become a key member of our team, being promoted to her current position within this short timeframe. 

In light of International Women’s Day 2022, we sat with Mia to find out more about her road into the advertising industry, the positive experiences she has had at the beginning of her career and what she is most excited about going forward.


How did you make the move into OOH?

I studied Photography (with a commercial focus) at University, where I began to feel the pull towards the behind-the-scenes aspects of the outside photography world; I loved the idea that you could be a part of the team who creates these wonderful pieces of work that mean something. Naturally, this progressed into an interest in advertising (particularly in London), and here I am!


How have you found your experience as a woman in the Tech industry? 

So far, I’ve only seen women being supportive and raising each other up; I’m excited to see that continue and develop and for us to really put our mark on the industry.


Do you feel OOH is a good platform for advocation as it is so public facing? 

Absolutely! I feel that you can’t go anywhere without encountering OOH, and so it’s a fantastic tool for advocation, giving context to an issue and spreading the word. If we’ve learnt anything from the past few years, it’s that people are passionate and that they care about what others have to say. It’s a great opportunity to have that OOH space and to be able to send a message to such a big audience.


What are the biggest changes you’d like to see in the OOH industry?

I’d like to see the OOH industry continue to increase customer interaction, and to make adverts more personal to the people looking at them. I think our data-driven campaigns are a fantastic way of doing this, and giving the consumer exactly what they need and when they need it. 


What was the best campaign you have worked on in the past six months? 

Definitely our Facebook Portal Bournemouth campaign! This was my first project, both for the company and since joining the OOH industry, and it was a great opportunity to jump in headfirst. It was so interesting to see the initial concepts and then the planning stages come together to create the final product – I loved the end result! It was so much fun to be a part of, and I’m so grateful that this was my entry into OOH.


What are you most excited about in OOH in 2022?

I’m excited to see the industry continue to grow and adapt to people’s needs – I love that we are at the forefront and are bringing so many new ideas to the table that we can offer our clients, and I’m so pleased that I get to be a part of that!

Facebook Portal: Creating Family Connections Through OOH

Built on the insight that 70% of Bournemouth’s residents are grandparents, with many only seeing their grandchildren twice a year, this campaign looked to connect resident grandparents with their grandchildren wherever they are in the UK – highlighting how Facebook’s Portal devices can combat isolation and loneliness.  


Harnessing the power of personalisation that dynamic OOH offers, this unique campaign used a rich portfolio of digital OOH assets to improve familiarity and raise awareness of Portal from Facebook among all the residents of Bournemouth.


A specially-modified screen in the town centre built exclusively for this campaign allowed people to call their loved ones directly using Portal. Using the real-time capabilities of dynamic video, calls were able to be cut, edited and broadcast across Bournemouth to showcase both the ease of using the product, and also the emotional connections that have been made.


In a touching moment captured as part of the campaign, one grandchild surprised a lucky resident grandparent live on a specially built DOOH screen in the town’s main shopping parade. 


Alongside the OOH campaign to accelerate the activation a bespoke area was built on the famous seafront, with domes to host grandparents where they were served afternoon tea alongside a beach hut which created an intimate space for grandparents to use the portal device. During the two day filming event, the beach hut activation had 45 participants – generating unique content and connecting more families as part of the campaign.  


As well as being broadcast on small screens to audiences across the famous seaside resort, the experiences created will be supported by a national multi-channel campaign running on OOH, TV, Cinema and digital channels into 2022.

With: Kinetic, Mindshare, AMV BBDO



We now recognise that dynamic OOH offers brands a unique platform for delivering targeted messaging, at scale, directly into the hearts of communities: Introducing Patrick Wall

“We now recognise that dynamic OOH offers brands a unique platform for delivering targeted messaging, at scale, directly into the hearts of communities.”


Introducing Patrick Wall, Creative Technology Director at DOOH.com, who has been working in OOH for the past ten years – witnessing it evolve across the decade. During this evolution, Patrick has pioneered new technologies that push the boundaries of dynamic digital and showcase all it can offer both brand and audience. 


As we head into 2022, we sat down with Patrick to find out more about his career so far, and how he feels creative technology has changed the landscape of the OOH space throughout the past year. 


Career with DOOH.com so far… 

When we started DOOH, there were no off-the-shelf OOH boilerplates or templates. We couldn’t dip into a library of assets and come out with a cookie-cutter solution for every new OOH brief. Trial and error forced us into a cycle of iterative development, and increasingly robust quality assurance tests, until our workflows coalesced into clearly defined products and services which allowed our clients to consign the pain of OOH campaign delivery to the past and focus their energy on new ways to engage customers.


Over the past ten years, what do you feel have been the most significant changes/ developments in the OOH Industry? The 90’s dot-com-boom was such an exciting time, full of crazy ideas, innovation and risk taking. The OOH industry felt similarly vibrant ten years ago. We felt like pioneers on the edge of a wild and mysterious frontier where every campaign presented an opportunity to push the boundaries of what was technically and creatively possible. It seemed like every campaign included a disruptive experiential special build, and everything was a world’s first. But, like the internet, OOH had to grow up fast. Gobsmacking the public only takes you so far. We now recognise that dynamic OOH offers brands a unique platform for delivering targeted messaging, at scale, directly into the hearts of communities. DOOH.com has developed a suite of successful products that allow brands to reach their customers in increasingly targeted ways. And as the hardware improves, so do the creative possibilities.


From the Creative Technology perspective, what are the key differences you have seen in campaigns as a result of the past year (the pandemic’s impact etc.)?

I think that the pandemic afforded the OOH a unique opportunity to take ownership of being outside. As we adjusted to a new world of self-isolation, it was the humble out of home screen that welcomed the public back to the hustle and bustle of being outside again. As a result, we have seen a massive increase of location aware campaigns that cross reference stock, inventory, buying trends and social media engagement in a hyperlocal context; while this presents unique challenges, from a technology point of view, the opportunities to shine creatively have never been greater.


The pandemic highlighted/ cemented the importance of location in OOH, do you feel location has really come into its own? How so? 

The importance of location is all about creating a sense of place. A location can be represented with a set of coordinates but in order to become a place we need to add an engaged audience. A simple location call out on a roadside D6, which invites the viewer to visit a nearby restaurant or shop, not only informs the viewer but engenders a greater sense of place within the wider community, not just for the brand, but for the screen too.


What has been your most favourite campaign you have worked on to date?

The award winning Amnesty International Departure Board which drew attention to the plight of the thousands of people around the world who are abused, imprisoned and tortured by their own governments, simply for expressing their views.


And more recently, I enjoyed working on the successful #MyHeroes campaign during the pandemic. I’m not sure I ever worked on a campaign which galvanized not only DOOH.com but the entire OOH industry in such a positive way. Not only did we put social media messages of support along key workers’ commuter routes but we helped keep OOH in the public eye during such a frightening time.


What has been your favourite campaign of the past six months? (this could be one you didn’t personally work on)

We helped create an experiential event for Subway’s launch of their new TigerPig sub recently. It combined dance-based game mechanics on a large format OOH screen with real-time leaderboard updates and a visit from the dance troupe Diversity! To see kids, having such a blast, dancing themselves into a frenzy in-front of a massive OOH screen reminded me of why I love OOH.     


What do you think we will see from the industry over the next six months?

I think location / place will become much more important to brands in the future. The post-covid new norm appears to be recalibrating our relationship with the outside world. We are already seeing an increase in campaigns calling out distance to stores and, as network speeds and data-rates improve, there is no limit to what we can put on screens. In the last six months we have built campaigns with live betting odds from high-street bookmakers, live product feeds and flight prices from major airlines and real-time in-store product feeds from more than one high-street supermarket. OOH is a medium which excels in putting together customer, location, brand and context. Personally I can’t wait to see how the industry will continue to reach its full potential in 2022.

ITV and Kinetic, in conjunction with Essence, DOOH.com and Pixel Artworks have launched new drama Trigger Point

ITV and Kinetic, in conjunction with Essence, DOOH.com and Pixel Artworks have launched new drama Trigger Point with a striking out of home spectacular that treated Londoners to a jaw-dropping countdown projected onto County Hall (pictured). Following a live countdown running across multiple digital OOH sites over the weekend, this high impact execution finished the countdown to the start of the highly anticipated new drama in style.


Starring Vicky McClure and Adrian Lester, the drama focusses on the adrenalin-filled world of bomb disposal teams and is produced by Jed Mercurio, known for his work on Bodyguard and Line of Duty.


ITV Creative have worked with Kinetic and Pixel Artworks on the live countdown timer on County Hall (pictured) which ran until 9pm Sunday evening when the drama went live. Once the countdown hit 9pm, a QR code could be scanned to watch Trigger Point on ITV Hub.


The spectacular execution at County Hall is supported by dynamic digital 6-sheets and digital billboards nationally. With content delivered by DOOH.com, these sites displayed a live three day-long countdown (starting Friday) until the drama’s debut.


Tony Pipes, Executive Creative Director, ITV Creative, commented “To mirror the bomb squad tension and excitement that the drama portrays, we wanted to create a real sense of suspense in the form of a real-time dynamic countdown. This will run on air, in all our comms, OOH and most dramatically in our Southbank projection. The real-time, dynamic nature is designed to give our audience a real sense of FOMO and event TV that this show truly deserves.”


Shahin Ejtehadi, Account Director, Kinetic said “It’s fantastic to see out of home deliver creativity at this kind of scale with a campaign that really captures the tension and excitement of this brilliant new drama. With a spectacular countdown taking place in central London, supported by digital 6-sheets and billboards right across the country this campaign, like Trigger Point, it’s absolutely unmissable.”


Patrick Wall, Creative Technology Director, DOOH.com said “This explosive new ITV series needed to be launched with a bang and dynamic was the perfect format to do just this – offering maximum impact. We really enjoyed creating the anticipation of this campaign through the immediacy of digital out-of-home, integrating the countdown clock into the TV creative. It was great to see the excitement for the release of Trigger Point built around the projection on County Hall and D6’s nationwide.”


Making the most of the possibilities and creativity Out of Home has to offer: introducing Greg Nikitas

Introducing Greg Nikitas, Development Engineer at DOOH.com. Greg joined DOOH.com back in 2019, making the move into the industry after a long career in software development for the corporate sector. We’ve loved seeing Greg take on new challenges with the creativity and freedom the OOH industry has to offer. 

As Summer 2021 continues to be the Summer of OOH, with brands taking dynamic capabilities to a whole new level, we caught up with Greg on his journey so far and his favourite campaigns of the year. 

Career with DOOH.com… 

Working for DOOH.com has personally been a blessing and I truly feel valued as part of what is really a work family – this past year bringing us closer together – who would have thought a video call could do that? Every new campaign is an invitation to wow the client and push the boundaries of Out of Home and I’ve loved working on every campaign and project put in front of us – nothing is ever done solo – it’s the collaboration that makes it all the more worth it!

What made you decide to move into the OOH industry?

Moving to DOOH.com has been so refreshing as it is a company within the OOH industry rid of all the unnecessary red tape you might typically find in a corporate environment. This has allowed us to prototype custom builds which make use of machine learning, real time dynamic content and integration with data feeds that other industries would take an age to take advantage of. This is what I love about the creative side of OOH!

What are the key differences you have seen in campaigns as a result of the past year?

Many more clients are moving to campaigns that integrate with external data to improve the effectiveness of the message being put across, as they can clearly see the advantage this has. Additionally, where previously some clients might have been unsure whether to run an ad campaign due to the knock taken in the height of Covid – now we see they can’t wait to go live as they see how important it is to get the edge over their competitors – and something like our RUSH product has been extremely successful in getting them there.

Best campaign you have worked on in the past six months?

This definitely has to be our campaign with William Hill where we have been advertising sport betting odds in real time on Out Of Home screens on the roadside screens – and in pubs!