Advertising Our Future

How digital advertising organisations both push the boundaries of experience and use technology for social good.

When Blade Runner came out in 1982 it electrified global audiences by imagining life in the not too distant future. The film quickly became a neo noir classic, and turned out to be remarkably prescient about the world of advertising. With pre-internet visions of digital content and moving-image billboards, Director Ridley Scott took the era’s advertisers’ most progressive ideas and gave the world a preview.

For Andrew Phipps Newman, CEO of – which stands for digital out of home – it inspired his life’s work. “Blade Runner was the film that made me want to work in digital advertising. I knew that what I was watching wasn’t sci-fi, it was the future.”

Read the full article in The Independent. Rides The Rapids had the pleasure of visiting the Lee Valley White Water Adventure Centre this week for some team activities on the rapids. After getting suited up and taken through the safety training we took to the Olympic White Water Rapids with our instructor Jorge.

Spending the afternoon riding the rapids was a unique and exciting experience for the whole DOOH team. We all came away with smile on our faces and certainly felt it the next day. It was all worth it though.