wins a British LGBT Award received one of it’s highest accolades yet this weekend at The British LGBT awards, dubbed the gay Oscars by the UK press, taking away the award for best marketing Campaign. The campaign was produced for Pride in London in 2014, the ceremony received national press attention throughout the UK.

Andrew Phipps Newman Co-founder of said
“We’re delighted with this award as this ceremony recognise companies, individuals and charities that make a positive difference to people’s lives. To be awarded as one of those companies is truly humbling. The awards, voted for by the public are a true reflection of how well the campaign cut through and engaged with it’s audience. The #Freedomto campaign set out to galvanise diverse age groups and demographics, which it successfully did culminating in 63million twitter impression on Pride day alone. Partnering with Exterion we set out to prove that DOOH can activate a mass audience that reaches far beyond it’s initial audience”.

DOOH has broken out of it’s historical shackles to become a medium that can lead a campaign and not just compliment it. With the correct partners you can really innovate with the DOOH medium, each week we see new amazing creative ideas that come to life and gain massive traction through social media and the medium itself is now the highlight of TV commercials like Kleenex or central to a campaigns activation for Walkers crisps or Pepsi Max.

We believe DOOH should innovate on every level, not just on a pure creative level but each step of the way, through cost, efficiency and through the use of Data. We relish the challenge to make the technology behind dynamic campaigns almost invisible so the message shines through above all else, which is exactly the reasoning behind our recent campaign for Heathrow Express.


World-first: Smart screens at Heathrow compare live airport transfer options

In a media first, smart screens have been installed at Heathrow Terminal 2’s baggage reclaim zones showing passengers live price and journey time comparisons between taxis and the airport’s train service to central London.

Heathrow Express, digital out-of-home media agency and JCDecaux Airport UK have worked in partnership to create a world-first proposition – the ‘journey comparison generator,’ which combines real-time traffic, weather and train service information to help customers make the best choice for their onward travel.

It uses a moderation engine produced by, formerly known as Enigma, to pull together five different layers of real-time feeds from TomTom, Heathrow Express, Google, the Highways Agency and the Met Office.

The screens present passengers with the estimated time and costs at the exact moment they would use the rail link to reach central London versus getting a black taxi. Along with displaying the time of the next Heathrow Express train, the campaign also employs GPS-focused technology to highlight real-time traffic on a map that displays the journey between the terminal and Paddington.

In another media first, the campaign will turn multilingual from mid-April, as the screens on each baggage reclaim carousel will be translated to the main language of people on the arriving flight. The campaign will also be installed across Heathrow’s Terminals 3 and 5 later in the year.

The journey comparison generator shows that by using Heathrow Express rather than black cab taxis, travellers can save up to money and time. Currently, more than 100,000 passengers arrive at Heathrow Airport every day.

Fraser Brown, Heathrow Express director, said: “The aim of the ‘journey comparison generator’ is to enable Heathrow passengers to get into London as speedily, easily and as cheaply as possible. By harnessing many different sources of real-time data into one we are helping to make this happen. Research shows Heathrow Express trains are three times faster than taxis and a quarter of the price. These screens show how that comparison varies minute to minute depending on traffic, weather and time of day.”

Andrew Newman, co-founder of, said: “Consumers through their smart phones are incredibly enabled with right information at their choosing. When it’s served up to them via advertising and by a brand, we have to do more to gain their confidence. By linking scheduling information, Google maps, a GPS feed, live clock times and road traffic accident alerts, this multi-layered approach gains the trust of the public, delivering relevant information that enhances their decision making.”

Alan Sullivan, Managing Director at JCDecaux Airport, said: “This state-of-the-art real-time campaign marks a further step towards providing advertisers with content and context driven dynamic Digital Out-of-Home campaigns with JCDecaux Airport. We are delighted to be such an integral part of this world-first proposition that has the ability to transform how brands communicate to passengers as well as enhance traveller’s airport experiences.”



In the last 12 months, the team at, as ENIGMA, has delivered award-winning work across dozens of clients. With sights set on international expansion, CEO Andrew Newman wanted to create a brand that both simplified the industry and announced its intentions by investing significantly in its future.

Andrew Newman, CEO of, said,

“Out of home advertising has been around for centuries in various forms. Digital out of home marketing is still in relative infancy, but having grown into an industry said to be worth £1bn by 2020, our investment in is a drop in the ocean to what is coming next for brands.

“For us, this rebrand isn’t just about changing our name. It’s about making the incredible technology at our fingertips easier to understand, more accessible and more affordable.”

“Just like it’s not only the biggest brands that run print and TV ads today, we want to also reach the middle market brands that are intrigued by and could benefit hugely from a more connected digital approach to outdoor advertising, but aren’t sure where to start. Digital out of home ads are more efficient, can run real-time content from videos to social media feeds, can be delivered quicker, can be changed in an instant – and, unlike its print cousin doesn’t have to cost the earth.” has developed a number of tools that make client campaigns more accountable and will offer key statistic to clients and agencies for the first time.