17th August 2016 Neil McKenney

The Calming Effect

There are only a few campaigns that you’ll work on in your life time, that have a true and well worthy message and make a difference in this world, like saving lives.

TMW and Kinetic came to DOOH.com with just one of these projects. Their client, Lynx decided to sponsor and pay for a DOOH dynamic campaign and it’s media plan, allowing their name to take 2nd place against the Charity ‘Calm’. Calm supports male suicide awareness. This type of investment is risky, without knowing how successful it might be.

What was the message? Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45, claiming a life every 2 hours. Now just say that to yourself again, shocking isn’t it.

TMW devised a great idea, though slightly dark, the message was memorable. By comparing incidental everyday topics, being talking about more than suicide and state that they are #Bigger than suicide. Every headline was substantiated with a micro site revealing the exact number of impressions. The campaign was published to 450 screens throughout the UK, this allowed the use of topics and trends regionally. But importantly every screen would update every 2 hours, to mark that someone in the UK has taken their life.

For instance in Manchester ‘Lemon’s – Are Bigger than Suicide’ as The Stone Roses announced their return. ‘The Force is Bigger than Suicide’ as the new star wars film was released. As people started to check out the campaign on-line, they could easily show their support by agreeing to be part of a ‘Thunderclap’ where a message on your behalf gets tweeted out for maximum impact.

It wasn’t until early this year I started to realise what impact our DOOH campaign had. After meeting the CEO at yet another awards ceremony, the reality of success started to dawn on me.

The charity had gone from £12k donations last year, rising to £1.2m this year. Prince William saw the campaign and connected the charity to become officially involved. Finally early suicide figures have seen for the first time in years, a fall. So can we say that our campaign saved lives, proudly I think we can!

This Campaign has won over 20 awards so far with the pinnacle moment being, when taking a Cannes Lions Silver.

The charity has also been nominated best Charity of the year, we wish them luck.

Andrew Newman – CEO