‘Wait Training’ campaign launches video content on Facebook and YouTube

In an effort to get a million people moving more by 2020, MediaCom and Suntory have harnessed a new and innovative means of utilising digital out of home.

‘Wait Training’, which was developed by creative agency Grey London, as part of its wider ‘Made to Move®’ campaign for Suntory’s Lucozade Sport, features a bespoke bus shelter in Manchester, installed with live streaming capabilities. The shelter facilitates live fitness sessions with a trainer, motivating unsuspecting ‘waiters’ at the bus stop to join in with the session and be rewarded with a Lucozade Sport Body Fuel or Low Cal dispensed at the shelter.

Reactions from this live activation, which has been produced by DOOH and Kinetic, have been filmed on location, with the content being shared socially via Facebook and YouTube from today.

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Dominic Goldman, ECD at Grey London, says: “To reinforce the campaign idea ‘Made to Move’ we’ve created a nice bit of fun to get unsuspecting people moving when they’d typically be sitting down waiting for a bus, to then sit down again on a bus later. More entertainment than a typical ad.”

Kay Bartlett, Brand Manager at Lucozade Sport says: “We’re really excited to launch the new Made to Move campaign, a mission to get the nation moving more – one element of the campaign will showcase the world’s first bus stop fitness session which will encourage the unsuspecting public to use their time standing at a bus stop for movement. Converting a bus stop shelter into a live interactive exercise area, whereby a trainer will encourage the British public to take part in a variety of exercises from Zumba® to boxerciseBoxercise®, shows that we are committed to achieving our target of getting one million people moving more by 2020.”

David Munt, Business Director at MediaCom, adds: “It was really exciting to bring to life a brand purpose in such a direct and innovative way. Lucozade Sport is all about getting people moving and we’re thrilled to have been able to do this, in such a physical way.”


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Find Your Flavour

Just Eat relaunched their brand with and Kinetic across DOOH using our Rush system. Rush allowed them to preload their content that was then triggered by the day of the week, temperature (cold and hot) and raining. The Rush system also allowed Just Eat to ‘takeover’ from the automated triggers and publish bespoke creative at any time.

The campaign launched across; Primesight, JC Decaux, Ocean Outdoor, Outdoor Plus, Forrest, Signature and Exterion across October and November.




‘Play With Pooch’ in RSPCA’s First Interactive DOOH

MediaCom, Kinetic and has presented a new and innovative means of utilising digital out of home to support RSPCA’s latest campaign “Play with Pooch”. Starring rescue dogs in need of a home, “Play with Pooch” is an interactive digital out of home game and family event which aims to get more abandoned pets adopted.

The campaign cements RSPCA’s first involvement in incorporating dogs in conjunction with digital/interactive OOH and stems from a joint MediaCom/Kinetic entry into last year’s Ocean Digital Creative Awards, an industry-wide competition promoting innovation in OOH. “Play with Pooch” dominated the colossal Media Eyes located at Birmingham New Street Station on September 23, turning the area into an experiential playground for pets and their people.

This activity represents an entirely new format brought to life at New Street Station, Birmingham’s latest redevelopment project in the heart of the city. The bespoke video game, developed & produced by specifically for The Media Eyes, invites people to play with four different dogs using their phones or iPads as the control pad, as the game plays out on the big screen.

This live interaction gives the audience a chance to submit their details, ready to be contacted by the RSPCA or make a donation.

Chris Wainwright, Director of Communications and External Relations at the RSPCA said: “Although the RSPCA is almost 200-years-old we are keen to embrace new technology and pioneer exciting ways to get our rescue, rehabilitate, rehome message across to supporters.”

“Play with Pooch” is a really fun and different way of engaging with the public and encouraging them to think about rehoming and donating to us. We were delighted to win the opportunity to put our fabulous rescue dogs on the big screen getting all the fuss and attention they deserve.”

Ocean’s Head of Marketing, Helen Beacham said: “This is a highly engaging campaign and the fulfilment mechanism really delivers making it a simple, engaging show stopper.”

Rosh Singh, Director of Digital Innovation and Head of Kinetic Active said, “We devised “Play with Pooch” as a fun, engaging and innovative way to raise awareness of the animals in care at the RSPCA. A perfect fusion of real-time technologies and premium OOH brought to life in an addictive game that is bound to see people falling in love with these amazing dogs”.




Zalando lights up Piccadilly Circus!

This week we launched our latest project with Ocean Outdoor for fashion brand Zalando.

We gave members of the public the chance to show off themselves and their fashion on the iconic ‘Curve’ screen. They were asked to give their most fabulous pose and choose an headline that most suits them. Within less than a minute their image was on screen as part of the Zalando advertising. The member of public was then given a printed photo of their pose along with money off when shopping with Zalando. Using Hero we then sent them their fame moment to them via Twitter.

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The Calming Effect

There are only a few campaigns that you’ll work on in your life time, that have a true and well worthy message and make a difference in this world, like saving lives.

TMW and Kinetic came to with just one of these projects. Their client, Lynx decided to sponsor and pay for a DOOH dynamic campaign and it’s media plan, allowing their name to take 2nd place against the Charity ‘Calm’. Calm supports male suicide awareness. This type of investment is risky, without knowing how successful it might be.

What was the message? Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45, claiming a life every 2 hours. Now just say that to yourself again, shocking isn’t it.

TMW devised a great idea, though slightly dark, the message was memorable. By comparing incidental everyday topics, being talking about more than suicide and state that they are #Bigger than suicide. Every headline was substantiated with a micro site revealing the exact number of impressions. The campaign was published to 450 screens throughout the UK, this allowed the use of topics and trends regionally. But importantly every screen would update every 2 hours, to mark that someone in the UK has taken their life.

For instance in Manchester ‘Lemon’s – Are Bigger than Suicide’ as The Stone Roses announced their return. ‘The Force is Bigger than Suicide’ as the new star wars film was released. As people started to check out the campaign on-line, they could easily show their support by agreeing to be part of a ‘Thunderclap’ where a message on your behalf gets tweeted out for maximum impact.

It wasn’t until early this year I started to realise what impact our DOOH campaign had. After meeting the CEO at yet another awards ceremony, the reality of success started to dawn on me.

The charity had gone from £12k donations last year, rising to £1.2m this year. Prince William saw the campaign and connected the charity to become officially involved. Finally early suicide figures have seen for the first time in years, a fall. So can we say that our campaign saved lives, proudly I think we can!

This Campaign has won over 20 awards so far with the pinnacle moment being, when taking a Cannes Lions Silver.

The charity has also been nominated best Charity of the year, we wish them luck.

Andrew Newman – CEO

The Majestic Screen in all its glory!

Take a look at the Curb Media Majestic Screen in all it’s glory at the Cannes Film Festival 2016.

The screen overlooked the Palais des Festivals where the 69th Festival de Cannes (Cannes Film Festival) took place. The screen could be seen from the red carpet where all the stars arrived.

The screen is available for bookings at future festivals in Cannes.

The Majestic Screen

Last week Curb Media launched their brand new screen in Cannes. The Majestic screen is a new digital 96 sheet and powered by The screen is capable of taking full motion and static content as well as dynamic content (social media, messaging, Periscope) and more.

The screen overlooks the Palais des Festivals where the 69th Festival de Cannes (Cannes Film Festival) is currently taking place. The screen can be seen from the red carpet where all the stars arrive.

The screen is currently dominated by high definition HP Spectre laptop content.

The screen is available for bookings at future festivals throughout the year. Contact Curb Media for more information.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 12.04.06

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 12.04.14

Dynamic DOOH – Top Tips For 2016

2015 was an amazing year for dynamic DOOH: the press attention received has placed DOOH firmly in the psyche of the ad community. Especially as we TV adverts with stunts involving Gary Lineker squashed inside a D6 and a set of D6 screens were the focus for Kleenex vending machines, even the BT Christmas campaign focused on billboards to underpin their price promise. So stunts have done their job. But if we are to achieve the reach and maintain the hype, what will be the focus for 2016? Here is a list of predictions and insights into’s plans this year.

1. Hero – Closing The Social Media Loop
Social media will remain one of the key data feeds in dynamic DOOH, as it provides a simple link to consumers. But its use needs to evolve if it’s to drive conversation. Hero™ is a photographic system which captures the ‘fame moment’ of a social media comment or image on screen. It closes the social media loop by sending the photo straight back to the originator. It provides both qualitative and quantitative statistics, where one posting can lead to thousands of impressions.

2. Dynamic At Scale
2015 cemented dynamic DOOH campaigns in the psyche of the ad community, so much so that DOOH screens became the focus of Kleenex and Walkers TV ads both campaigns, delivering personal engagement with consumers, through highly managed, stunt campaigns using one screen. As reach is one of the principles of our industry, innovative campaigns at scale will be the driving force for innovation this year. But these campaigns will need technical integrity, if they’re to work without stage management. The challenge is immense, but as an industry we’re ready. Our multi-award winning Heathrow Express campaign, is an example of this.

3. More Competition
There remain three established providers of dynamic DOOH. This is held up by the eco system, but importantly by the complex network of support required across all media owners. Investment across the industry will certainly make more innovative campaigns possible – and at scale; and growth will attract more competition. But the stable delivery of those campaigns, to work out of the box, will retain market confidence. Experience here remains key.

4. Hyper Local Media (HLM)
Dynamic DOOH continues to outperform its linear cousin and this will increase with hyper local media, as it gives the consumer another channel with which to interact and engage the brand. Meshh is a localised wifi network, building on habitual consumer knowledge, to access faster than internet content.

5. The Rise Of HTML5
Many media owners can now publish HTML5 content to their screens. It will however take a couple of years until a cross network media plan can confidently publish in HTML5. Until that point budgets will not stretch to a combination of HTML5 and swf deployment for one creative. Production houses like also need to understand the capabilities of media players, as they do differ. This took years with swf deployment. (Interestingly this reveals why there are so few production houses in the market.) In the meantime and with careful planning we are already seeing some of the first HTML5 campaigns, like our Periscope activation for The Rugby World Cup. In essence the benefits of using HTML5 need to outweigh the limitations of the network. As HTML5 brings with it responsive second screen interaction, we may well see some more amazing stunts this year, especially combined with hyper local media.

6. Pop Up Flexible Screens
The DOOH industry has benefited from a great deal of investment over the past couple of years and will continue to do so, as the demand for DOOH increases. Cost of screen installation, alongside many factors like site permissions, accessibility and install costs alone can make digital screen installation cost prohibitive. 2016 is the year when this will start to change. Flexible LED screens are about to break into the market with install times that take minutes rather than days. Lytex is the first company, who have patented the technology for a screen of any size, which can be wrapped around anything. We can’t wait to work on the first installation!

7. Bespoke Dynamic Campaigns continues to produce innovative ground breaking campaigns. About 85% of these are bespoke dynamic campaigns, as each requires its own brand specific solution. These bespoke campaigns are all booked cross network and at scale, which proves there’s an active move away from the single screen, stunt based activation; and a move away from pure social media campaigns. Planning is key in these situations as the solutions can be immensely complex, especially as the client needs a very client friendly portal to publish to all screens easily.

8. Productisation
As the briefs become more challenging and bespoke in nature, alongside many more new clients in the market, productisation is key. This is achievable by grouping together the back-end similarities, matching these to market trends in the required data, like API feeds, geo targeted, social media and the level of interaction. Productisation remains our focus for 2016.

9. Social Media
Social media campaigns have remained the core of dynamic DOOH for a few years now, but as previously stated, the demand is dwindling. But why? While social media is a great way to communicate with consumers, so far social media comments, in the main, have been published to screen often without the consumers’ knowledge. This is changing with the new policy structures recently introduced from Twitter and Instagram, where permissions need to be sought and publishing guidelines become a lot stricter. This must be seen as a benefit. If permissions need to be sought, then the campaign needs to activate its social fans, with key reasons to get involved. Hero™ is one way where you can turn one tweet into thousands of impressions. For a truly successful social media campaign an integrated strategy is needed. This requires the buy-in and involvement of incumbent digital agencies. To achieve this they need to be involved at the briefing stage and not as an after thought.

10. Instant & Reactive Publishing In DOOH
Digital adverting has and remains to be an instant publishing platform, where brands can react to promotions, stock levels and other factors. Due to testing and approval processes the DOOH industry has yet to offer instant publishing services. This will change in 2016, with our experience in dynamic and live content publishing, we now have the capability to publish any linear content with dynamic updates instantly. This service will be called Rush!

Andrew Newman

Land Rover #Hibernot

On Monday we launched the second phase of the Landrover #Hibernot campaign. Working with Kinetic and Mindshare Land Rover asked members of the public to ‘see winter differently’ and submit images to the campaign via Instagram. These images were them shown across hundreds of screens nationwide.





Find out about the first phase of the project

Land Rover launches experimental ‘See Winter in a New Light’

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 13.48.49

Land Rover has launched its third annual Hibernot campaign with Mindshare which takes the approach of encouraging people to embrace winter through an experimental campaign consisting of several stages.

The first stage of the campaign will see five Land Rover private view frames for Lumiere London, the city’s largest-ever light festival. The large frames will be placed throughout Lumiere London from Piccadilly to King’s Cross, to capture the festival installations.

The campaign will also have seven digital out-of-home advertising screens around London and Leeds which will live capture and frame the urban winter landscape with HD cameras. The cameras can be adjusted to create ideal framed images for people to capture and share on social media platform such as Instagram.

Using innovative technology the digital ads turn into a digital window frame allowing the viewer to see through to the other side. The technology allows a selection of specific filters to be applied depending on the weather/light to ensure the best shot. A content management system (CMS) will allow Mindshare to live monitor what is being shown at each site, while testing and updating a number of different filters.

Five Land Rover private viewing frames from Lumiere London will also be rebranded with ‘See Winter Differently’ and placed in key positions in the UK including Brighton, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Southbank in London. The frames will contain tips from famous instagrammers on how to take the best picture of iconic landmarks and encourage users to share on social media using the dedicated hashtag.

Creative director at Mindshare Becky Power, said: “This is a first-of-its-kind technological campaign with creative and social working hand in hand throughout. Mindshare wanted to aim even higher this year and with an urban brief we were able to bring in several tactics to reach Land Rover’s audience and encourage them to embrace winter.”

SOURCE: The Drum