LandRover #Hibernot Shortlisted for Two Festival of Media Awards

Earlier this year we launched a campaign for LandRover to show Winter differently. Using the tagline #Hibernot they asked us to show Winter differently through Digital Out of Home.

Working with Kinetic and Mindshare we set up cameras in existing DOOH screens throughout the country. The camera turned the screen into a window of the scene behind the screen and applied Instagram style filters so people could see Winter differently.

The second phase of the campaign allowed people to share their #Hibernot moment via Instagram which were then shown on DOOH screens throughout the country.

We’re happy to say this campaign has been shortlisted for two Festival of Marketing Awards
– Multichannel Marketing – Best campaign using four or more media
– Outdoor and Location-based Marketing


#biggerissues wins a Cannes Lion – SILVER

The #BiggerIssues campaign for CALM and Lynx we worked on with TMW, Kinetic, Mindshare and W Communications won a Silver at Cannes Lions this week.

Everyone involved is extremely proud to have been part of such an amazing campaign with a message that is so important.

The #BiggerIssues campaign was launched to highlight male suicide. Every 2 hours a man ends their life. The campaign highlighted this on DOOH by updating headlines every two hours to reflect what was trending on social media and the fact that more people were talking about that rather than male suicide. The campaign went on to be talked about in Parliament and even got the attention of Prince William recently.

Speed Triggered Campaign for Jaguar

In our latest project with Kinetic Active we worked with creative agency Spark 44 and Jaguar to deliver relevant creative triggered by the speed of the traffic travelling through Euston Underpass (Outdoor Plus).

The creative referenced the specific speed of the current traffic to show off the Jaguar F-Pace to road users.


Euro 2016 begins with The Sun

In Kinetic Active and’s latest collaboration we have teamed up with News UK’s in-house creative agency; Pulse to bring Euro 2016 to DOOH across the UK for The Sun.

With over 1000 screens across 7 media owners this is one of the largest dynamic campaigns of its kind. A team will regularly publish regional updates in anticipation of matches. Updates will increase during all matches of Euro 2016 to give people a special commentary on all the important match developments via DOOH.




Socialite Steam Passage1

#BiggerIssues is an award winner (again)!

We are incredibly proud to have won a Brand Republic Award for Social Strategy for the Lynx CALM #Biggerissues campaign.

The campaign highlighted that a man kills himself every two hours. Lynx and CALM highlighted this by showing social media trending stories on DOOH across the UK and the fact that those stories were being talked about more than suicide. The campaign ran for two weeks and was updated regionally every two hours.

Special thanks to Lynx, CALM, Kinetic, TMW and Mindshare who we worked with to make this campaign a huge success.

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Brent Cross


The Majestic Screen in all its glory!

Take a look at the Curb Media Majestic Screen in all it’s glory at the Cannes Film Festival 2016.

The screen overlooked the Palais des Festivals where the 69th Festival de Cannes (Cannes Film Festival) took place. The screen could be seen from the red carpet where all the stars arrived.

The screen is available for bookings at future festivals in Cannes.

The Majestic Screen

Last week Curb Media launched their brand new screen in Cannes. The Majestic screen is a new digital 96 sheet and powered by The screen is capable of taking full motion and static content as well as dynamic content (social media, messaging, Periscope) and more.

The screen overlooks the Palais des Festivals where the 69th Festival de Cannes (Cannes Film Festival) is currently taking place. The screen can be seen from the red carpet where all the stars arrive.

The screen is currently dominated by high definition HP Spectre laptop content.

The screen is available for bookings at future festivals throughout the year. Contact Curb Media for more information.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 12.04.06

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 12.04.14

Lynx CALM Campaign – Award Winner

Our #BiggerIssues campaign for Lynx CALM won a Drum Marketing Award for ‘Cause Related Marketing Strategy of the Year’ last night.

The country wide campaign pushed the DOOH boundaries to start conversations about male suicide. The campaign was updated every two hours using social media trends to show that people need to talk about male suicide more.

Find out more about male suicide: The Calm Zone helps runners over the finish line

Our latest project launched on Saturday on One Piccadilly with Kinetic and Abbott.

As one of the sponsors of the London Marathon Abbott wanted to congratulate runners by showing their names on one of London’s most iconic landmarks. Over two days names were displayed on One Piccadilly and captured using Hero™ to share with the runners on Monday via an Abbott website;



Brand Republic Digital Awards – Shortlisted

Two of our campaigns have been shortlisted for Brand Republic Digital Awards.


In the UK, a man under 45 takes his life every two hours.

But nobody talks about it.

Lynx has traditionally been seen as a relic of 90s “lad culture” and so needed a bold strategy to rebuild their credibility with UK guys. But rather than maturing into yet another bland grooming brand, Lynx was eager to retain its reputation for being outspoken.

CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) exists to prevent male suicide – the single biggest cause of death among men under 45 in the UK. The charity offers support to men feeling down, through a helpline and webchat. More broadly, CALM seeks to challenge a culture that prevents men seeking help when they need it. The main barrier to getting suicide on the public agenda is that it remains the ultimate taboo – nobody wants to talk about it.

In fact, on Social Media, people talk about everything except male suicide. So we used those trending topics to talk about the one thing no-one wanted to talk about.


DIGITAL OUT OF HOME – Heathrow Express Comparison Generator

Heathrow is the busiest airport in Europe and the 3rd busiest in the world landing 74 million passengers in 2014 alone. Heathrow Express challenged to inform customers with contextually relevant information, to a multi-lingual audience, to prove that choosing the rail network is cheaper, faster and more reliable with the varying conditions of using the road network for your onward journey into central London. We also know that the three barriers to using HEX are – other modes are more direct, it’s expensive and not good value for money. The Comparison tackled all these issues head on!